New in Socialbakers Analytics: Engagement Metrics That Go Deeper Into Your Page´s Engagement

How can social media managers measure the brand’s performance and decide what’s really worth acting upon? Socialbakers already answered this question with its great metric - the Engagement Rate. Today, we are introducing new metrics and rolling them out to all our customers.

New in Socialbakers Analytics: Engagement Metrics That Go Deeper Into Your Page´s Engagement

Current trends report a positive shift in brands’ behavior towards social marketing activities and their ability to create an engaging relationship with their fans. The social savvy industry leaders are already using our Analytics to measure their performance on Facebook and Twitter as well as to compare their activities with their competitors’.

Marketers are increasingly focusing at the Engagement Rate as it identifies what really works for their business in social media.

Socialbakers always looked at Engagement from a Post stand point, the previous calculation for the Engagement Rate was purely a Post qualitative metric. It’s awesome to be able to optimize on a Post level but many companies on Facebook, including media companies, want to optimize their overall engagement to their page on a daily basis and post more updates.

Socialbakers measures the Engagement Rate as the average number of Likes, Comments and Shares per post on a given day divided by the total number of Fans for the page. It reflects the percentage of your Fan base that interacts on average with your post.

From now on, our two new metrics will enable you to measure the average engagement of your posts and your whole Facebook Page on a daily basis! Plus they are both available for Twitter with the possibility to generate 7 day or 30 day averages in order to gain more actionable results.

How can the metrics do the trick for your brand?

H&M is one of the most successful fashion brands with a strong online presence and more than 10M Facebook Fans. With Socialbakers Analytics PRO, you can monitor your daily average Engagement Rate and at the same time get the overall big picture with the Daily Page Engagement Rate metric.

Get Socialbakers Analytics PRO for your brand and start measuring what matters to your business and your customers! Try our free 14-day trial now!

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