Get The Best Out Of Your Biggest Fans!

Your brand´s Key Influencers should become your best friends because it´s them who possess the power to create and spread social media buzz around your products, services, campaigns etc.

Get The Best Out Of Your Biggest Fans!

Key influencers, opinion leaders, evangelists – whatever you want to call them, your brand should be aware of these fans and learn how to work with them. They are very active on social sites, have many Friends or Followers and feel passionate about your brand! You would be crazy not to take advantage of their social media influence.

1. Turn Your Key Influencers into Your Ambassadors

Strong influencers can spread positive awareness about your brand´s products by posting content, commenting on your Posts, Sharing your content or even by blogging about them. For example, many cosmetics brands often seek for talented fans blogging or video blogging about the products to a strong fan base (you wouldn´t believe how many How to look like a celebrity make-up tutorials there are on YouTube) and set up a mutual collaboration. They turn them into their ambassadors, send them products for free and expect them to test and review it´s qualities and flaws in return.

This girl testing the new Garnier BB cream is a perfect candidate – she posted a photo of herself wearing the product and promoting her blog with a detailed review. Look how excited she is about the brand, perfect!

2. Give Them Space To Express Themselves

Sephora launched a new Facebook application called It Lists for all the beauty experts who want to curate and share lists of their favorite products. The fans can create as many lists of Sephora products they wish, give them a title, add a description, review them and share them with friends via Facebook and Twitter. In addition, they can access the Experts´ Lists, Latest Lists added by Sephora Fans and their Friends´ Lists for inspiration!

American beauty brand Benefit has a Product Ratings application that asks fans to review their favorite products. Plus it navigates them to the e-shop motivating them to purchase them straight away!

3. Reward Them With Exclusive Access or Special Offers

Don’t forget to motivate and stimulate your Key Influencers by rewarding them in the form of special offers, discounts, vouchers or access to exclusive content. The Hunger Games movie Facebook Page launched a campaign based on the whole concept of rewarding the most influential sharer! The Facebook Fans who shared and promoted the Capitol TV video via the unique URL became mayors of the fictional district and gained access to exclusive content, prizes and appearances.

4. Socialbakers Tracks Down Your Key Influencers

You can track down your brand´s Key Influencers with Socialbakers Analytics PRO. It provides you with a list of Facebook users ranked by the number of posts or comments they have made. Plus you get informed about their latest activity and access an overview of their interactions with you Posts after clicking on the Details button. Socialbakers makes sure that you have your Key Influencers under control!

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