Games companies are taking Facebook seriously

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Games companies are taking Facebook seriously

It is only natural that Facebook turned into a new platform for many developers as a paradise for social games. Every day millions of people wake up to harvest crops in FarmVille. Facebook has now over 500 million users (yeah, that’s half billion, and almost 10% of world’s population) and every month, 65 million of them are playing Zynga’s social games like FarmVille, Mafia Wars or new Fishville. It is really a huge number that can’t be ignored by anyone else. Where else would they reach the viral effect than on the largest social network in the world? Even though Google invested in Zynga and is trying to launch it’s Google games, Google can’t compete in the social world (at least not yet), because users don’t have the connections on Google.

And it does indeed seem like an interesting area, investments and acquisitions are going on like crazy in the field. Zynga has hundreds of millions of dollars invested, but it’s not only venture capitalists we’re talking about. EA bought Playfish a while ago, and also very recently, Disney has made an acquisition of Playdom for $763 million and jumped into social gaming. Both sides seem to be very optimistic about their vision and future missions on Facebook.

Some of them are a little bit shy. Even though EA acquired Playfish for 400 million dollars last November we still don’t see that much intention to make social games massive on Facebook. The only social game that was developed from this acquisition so far was Playfish’s FIFA Superstars released few months ago. This game has free-to-play model with integrated Facebook virtual credits. Through them you can buy premium items and other stuff. It is also very interesting how fast Facebook virtual currency spread around social games, and we think a unified Facebook Credits environment is very important for the entire eco-system, and building trust of the users.

On the other side of the barricade stand the latest social games from completely new developers. Skilled Zynga developers may be confident in what they are doing but we can find many other examples that are still in a phase of testing and checking Facebook platform as a potential environment in their overall strategy even though the gap may be already filled. Zynga and others are on the go and are acquiring studios which get big enough quickly with interesting gaming concepts.

In addition to all what was mentioned, what can we expect now? Will social games grow on Facebook? Will some of them get lost in current meaningless and pointless game play? We will see. It is very hard to make a conclusion on this. We can be optimistic in terms of new social games but the massive drop of players on the other hand due to mentioned aspects is alarming enough, many probably due to the recent changes on Facebook.

We wish all Facebook games and Facebook game developers good luck with their ventures, and are looking forward to monitoring the are through our Facebook application statistics, and Facebook developer statistics.

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