Who Deserves The Twitter Throne: Queen Gaga or King Bieber?

Lady Gaga became the Twitter Queen in 2010 and she seems to be ruling wisely. But some fans think the time has come to have a king. Who engages followers better and deserves the Twitter throne according to Socialbakers Analytics- Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber?

Who Deserves The Twitter Throne: Queen Gaga or King Bieber?

Twitter Queen Lady Gaga,…

Popular singer and songwriter Lady Gaga became the first one to reach 20 million followers on Twitter and currently has over 22 million “little monsters” as she calls them. She joined Twitter in March 2008 and settled on the throne in August 2010 by surpassing Britney Spears, crowning herself “Mother Monster” and releasing an inaugural message into the world! Lady Gaga recently appreciated her growing community by launching her own social networking site called Littlemonsters.com reserved only for invited fans to interact and share photos, web content, videos and more.

…Or Twitter King Justin Bieber?

According to Socialbakers statistics, Lady Gaga is number one on Twitter closely followed by Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Some birds have been tweeting about Justin Bieber followers wanting to dethrone Lady Gaga via a mission hashtaged as #OperationUnfollowGaga. They call themselves Beliebers and they believe it´s time for Justin Bieber to become the new Twitter King.

Who Started Operation Unfollow Gaga

It´s gone so far that some fans accused the Little monsters of secretly plotting the whole thing against the Beliebers as the effect was completely opposite and Lady Gaga strengthened her fan base. Both camps have been denying it, so let´s have a look at Socialbakers Analytics instead to see who´s fan growth is more stable and more importantly – who is doing a better job in engaging his followers.

This small “Twitter war” started in February this year but let´s have a look at data from the beginning of January 2012 to get the whole picture.

Little Monsters and Beliebers – Tight Competition in Follower Growth

The graph below shows that the Follower growth has been quite even until the beginning of March when Little monsters started dominating over Beliebers. Perhaps they felt they needed to support her after hearing about operation Unfollow Gaga.

But when taking a look at the daily growth, we can notice a whole new trend towards the end of March and the beginning of April! The Justin Bieber fan base started to grow faster on a daily basis.

Beliebers Get More Engaged Than Little Monsters

The purple and dark orange graph demonstrates that Lady Gaga hasn´t been as successful in engaging her followers as Justin Bieber. He has been doing a better job which is also supported by his Tweet vs. Retweet ratio being significantly better than Lady Gaga´s. Bieber´s content has been retweeted more often making it more viral and engaging.

So what do you think, will Twitter´s Iron Lady stay in the throne or will she be replaced by a new king? And how is your brand doing on Twitter? Are you engaging your followers and growing your fan base? Sign up sign-up for a free 14-day trial with Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO to see for yourself!

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