Global vs. Local

Check the main differences out between local and global pages on Facebook!

Global vs. Local

Millions of businesses are daily going “local”. Day by day they are turning into bigger behemoths because of precisely created strategies. Unfortunately some of them will never achieve their goal. However “going local” should be crucial for most of them and then there are no solid rules. is trying to sumarize examples that can be useful inspiration for you.
In previous article we closely scrutinized “Global vs. Local” fan pages on Facebook and now we are getting to the concrete point. We also brought in Starbucks which is a fine example for us even though there are plenty others which are noticeably “going local” on Facebook. In this article we will give you detailed insights into the world of local pages on Facebook.

We already started with Starbucks which had recently overpassed 10 million fans on its Facebook fan page. At present Starbucks has an incredible number of 11 161 506 fans. Its total score is really awesome. If you look at our new FanPage Analyzer on and compare Starbucks global fan page to the local one you will see the main difference. Engagement rate of the global page only is 0.22% compared to one Starbucks local page which has 0.73% ( Starbucks Ceska Republika ). The local page is twice as big as the global one in terms of engagement rate even though Starbucks global has more fans.

Other good example why all companies rather “go local” may be one of the largest manufacturs of mobile devices in the world – NOKIA. It has 1 092 715 fans on its official Facebook page. However if you look closer again you will see a lot of other pages dedicated to Nokia and its mobile devices. Some of mobile devices are even more famous than Nokia itself. 40 local pages are proof of not only focusing on global pages. Nokia Germany has a really nice engagement rate 0.71% compared to Nokia global which only has 0.37%. Many customers are more comfortable with their local companies then that they tolerated an impersonal behaviour of large companies on Facebook. Some of them are too boring.

All over the world there are many companies that have as many local pages as possible on Facebook. We can say that for example about McDonald’s, Nike, Blackberry or Hewlett Packard and many others.

Nike has a large base of fans on Facebook which are keen on seeing every new product even though they also are more satisfied with their local pages again. Many national football teams wear Nike gears all the time and it is not possible to have only one global page in this case. Different nation, different culture, different market – all these aspects play their role in the local strategy on Facebook.

Many of these local pages have even more fans than global ones. These changes are not so strange. It completely is natural for a company as Hewlett Packard to make its shiny products visible to all customers on Facebook and it definitely is better to do that in the way of making local pages.

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