Top 10 fashion companies on Facebook

Check the latest progress of the most famous fashion brands out on Facebook!

Top 10 fashion companies on Facebook

Fashion is a matter of daily life, especially for woman. As a typically female activity fashion is also a great opportunity for entreprenuers. We are not directly speaking about tons of smuggled clothes from Asia but about high quality textile from very demanded brands even though they can be from Asia as well.

Trends are evolving very fast in the world of fashion as well as in the business world and it is not big surprise that the best brands have a very long history. The first place is occupied by the most popular underwear’s brand named Victoria’s Secret. With its 5m fans Victoria’s Secret is the biggest fashion brand on Facebook. The growth also looks very positive, most of fashion companies would be pleased to have 3m new fans in 6 months.

On the second place is another famous brand mostly connected with shoes. Converse All Star is an old american fashion company that develivers shoes and other accessories to end-customer. Teenagers all over the world love Converse All Star and with the same passion they are keen on being a true fan of “Converse All Star” on Facebook. 4m fans are a good base for promoting products and interacting with future customers. The company also has a high potential to grow.

The third position is occupied by Victoria’s Secret Pink which is a very good example how to make more pages dedicated to the same brand on Facebook. Victoria’s Secret Pink is the same clothing company of the same brand with one specialty – all accessories are coloured by pink. Can you imagine that all colours of their clothes would have their own Facebook fan page? The more local fan pages you make the more fans you have on Facebook.

The only typical European fashion brand is shining on the fourth position. Hispanic-own clothing company ZARA must be proud of being in the top. We heard that hard working employees of ZARA develiver brand-new product every 2 weeks. That’s an impressive outcome compared to 6 months circle of other fashion businesses. Strong motivation and will to achieve better results is crucial for the growth on Facebook and ZARA’s 2 040 945 new fans on Facebook in 6 months is a proof of a never-dying endeavour.

In the top we have some other interesting fashion companies that must be mentioned like Converse, Lacoste or Forever 21. Most of them are well-known in the world so that it is not unusual for them to have millions of fans on Facebook. We can see that fashion companies and their brands are popular in any time.

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