Top 10 politicians on Facebook

Check the most visible politicians out on Facebook!

Top 10 politicians on Facebook

Mighty politicians always ruled the world. From ancient times up to now they carefully look after their beloved nations as if they were their own children (well, at least that’s the idea, right?). While in the past politicians were popular because of their public appearance, in the modern age there are plenty other possibilities how to be easy visible, and one of them is the largest social network in the world – Facebook. Take a look at the most successful politicians on Facebook!

When Barack Obama ran his political campaign in the last U.S. election he precisely knew how to address a large audience around the U.S. and as the first president in his country he massively used social networks to raise money, battle competitors and convince millions of people. In a short time he built up a strong political brand with a sense of engagement and connection which is fundamental to all social networks including Facebook and Twitter. His official Facebook page has over 12m fans, which grew by 63% in 6 months. Did being online and also social help him win the presidency? Very likely.

The second place belongs to another American politician Sarah Palin who is the Governor of Alaska. She ran a vice-presidential campaign through the social networks in the U.S. presidential election, although she was more famous for her controversial statements and some affairs than for her clear political view. Nevertheless 2 055 258 fans on Facebook is quite enough to be satisfied and a percentage grow looks also positive.

The first two places were occupied by American politicians and now it’s time for change. The president of the Philippines Benigno Aquino III broke through into top 10 politicians on Facebook and he suprisingly stands on the third position with 1 826 802 fans. The fourth place is also occupied by native Filipino Manny Villar. Both of them ran a presidential campaign and used Facebook as a tool for the connection with people.

The first president of Turkey Atatürk ended up on the fifth place. It’s a big surprise that this politician is no longer alive and still holds the front lines in people’s minds in Turkey. He has over 900 000 fans on Facebook and after decades he is still very good example of progressive thinking and incredible great deeds that changed Turkey forever and no matter if it is a reality or not, Facebook also holds these thoughts.

In the top 10 politicians on Facebook are mostly charismatic and great people who changed some places to prosperity and wealth or at least they tried to lead their country in that way. Some of them stood up by a controversial behaviour or by affairs in their countries. Nevertheless they have all something common. They are normal people on Facebook and that’s why they are so visible in people’s eyes and around the social networks. If you ever wanted to be a politician your would have to have a completely different stance on Facebook. Don’t forget on it.

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