Ecommerce vs. FMCG Brands on Facebook

Socialbakers brings you the first Quarterly Social Media Report on Facebook Global Industries! We are excited to bring you a detailed overview of the 10 biggest Facebook industries and our focus today: the FMCG and Ecommerce Brands.

Ecommerce vs. FMCG Brands on Facebook

Socialbakers’s global report is the fist executive summary of the 10 biggest Facebook industries with the most important findings that social media marketers can use as their benchmarks when assessing their brands’ performance. Each industry offers a unique insight into the top performing brands by Average Engagement Rate, Daily Page Engagement Rate (learn more about this new metric here) and the Number of Fans.

FMCG vs. Ecommerce Brands on Facebook

Let’s take a look at the Ecommerce Industry first. The average Page size within this industry is close to ~900 thousand of Fans. The number of fans and the very high average Engagement Rate (0.116%) validate the importance of all Ecommerce brands being active on social media. The top brands by total number of Fans include Best Buy, App Store and eBay. The quarter over quarter comparison shows that although eBay grew the fastest in terms of the number of Fans, it didn’t make it into the top 5 on the Engagement Rate lists.

Click here to download the Global Ecommerce Industry Report.

Brands in the FMCG Industry (Consumer Goods Industry) on Facebook have on average a bigger Fan base due to the presence of strong and well-known brands that rule the top positions almost since Facebook’s inception. Very good results in the Industry’s Average Engagement Rate (0.072%) are a sign of well performing social marketing.

Click here to download the Global FMCG Industry Report.

Tip for marketers: All the brands that you will find in these reports have achieved phenomenal results in their respective categories. Therefore we encourage you to take a closer look at these brands and get inspired by their activities. If your brand is in the FMCG or Ecommerce industry, don’t forget to use these reports as a great benchmarking tool for your own business!

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Want to see more? In the upcoming days, we will bring you the global reports on the Airlines, Automobile, Fashion, Beauty, Telecom, Media, Electronics and Alcohol industry so stay tuned!

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