YouTube Videos Will Rock Your Fan Base!

Recently, we have decided to bring you a series of weekly and monthly updates on the hottest brands across all major social networks. This month, we want to focus on YouTube!

YouTube Videos Will Rock Your Fan Base!

Why is YouTube so hot?

The phenomenon of YouTube videos has been experiencing a boom in the social media universe. Marketers are starting to grasp this trend by testing the full potential of videos and the power of messages and emotions they can convey to the audience.

Luxury, beauty, consumer goods brands as well as music and TV channels have already explored the power of video sharing. Their efforts are well reflected in our YouTube Statistics, so let’s have a look at the stars of this month:

“An ardent fan of feminine beauty”…Christian Dior

Dior certainly knows how to capture the attention of its YouTube fans! Its new film ‘Secret Garden – Versailles’ was a great success – more than 4 million subscribers viewed the video in one single day! As you can see in Socialbakers statistics, Dior’s great move was immediately awarded by a dramatic increase in the number of brand subscribers.

And what about the YouTube TOPs of the week and month?

Here are the top 5 brands that uploaded great videos and gained momentum in the past month. All Socialbakers statistics are updated daily and you can find them in the right bar in our YouTube section: //

If you want to access more information, click on the brand and learn about its number of subscribers, uploaded video views and channel views.

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