Did Facebook Help Hollande Become The New French President?

People of France have voted for François Hollande to replace Nicolas Sarkozy as their new president. Did Hollande´s social media performance lead him to victory? And will the new French president remain loyal to his Facebook Fans?

Did Facebook Help Hollande Become The New French President?

For the first time in French history, every presidential candidate has set up a Twitter and Facebook account in order to integrate social media into their presidential campaigns. It seems that they have realized the importance and power of social networks in gathering, engaging and persuading fans and potential voters.

At Socialbakers, we have appreciated this trend by closely monitoring their social media performance. Our Analytics suggest some interesting findings that could have influenced the results in favor of the new president.

Let’s have a closer look at how presidential candidates Sarkozy and Hollande performed on Facebook in the last crucial month:

Mr. Sarkozy’s Facebook Page has had a significantly bigger Fan base of more than 630 thousand compared to Hollande’s Page with slightly over 120 thousand Fans. But that didn´t stop Hollande in growing his Fan base faster in the last 30 days and in gaining a record Engagement Rate during the whole period of his candidacy. Towards the end of the campaign, his popularity reached its peak.

The following graph shows how both candidates engaged their fans during the most critical 30 days.

Apart from many political challenges that François Hollande will face, there will be one more…His promises will remain on Facebook Timeline and in the memory of his voters and Fans. That´s why the new president should continue to talk, respond and listen to his social media supporters. Politicians in general shouldn´t neglect social media. Instead, they should consider social networking as an integral part of their communication as Facebook continues to provide an open and transparent platform and meeting point where they can engage with their fellow citizens.

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