Customer Case Study: LVMH Advocates Analytics PRO To Transform Fan Engagement Strategies

Founded in 1987, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) is a global luxury brand company headquartered in Paris.

Customer Case Study: LVMH Advocates Analytics PRO To Transform Fan Engagement Strategies

LVMH drives brand strategy for more than 60

luxury brands that are subsidiaries in 5 different industries covering fashion and

leather goods, watches and jewelry, fragrances and cosmetics, wines and spirits and

distribution. For the past 25 years, LVMH has been a top leader in brand strategy.

Currently, LVMH has more than 80,000 employees and 2,500 stores worldwide.


LVMH is at the forefront of integrating social media into their brands’ strategy campaigns. LVMH created

a corporate social media strategy that initially focused on integrating monitoring such as tracking a brand’s fan

growth on Facebook and following conversations about brands across multiple social networks. However, LVMH

still faced the need to understand how to best engage socially with their customers. LVMH needed to

recommend specific actions to their subsidiaries and then be able to measure each brand’s social effectiveness.


With Analytics PRO, LVMH can now measure the effectiveness of their social media efforts, provide actionable

insights to their subsidiaries and focus on tracking the best measurements for increasing overall engagement.

LVMH uses Analytics PRO to track social performance specifically. LVMH can now compare results by

benchmarking each brand’s performance against their competitors. Furthermore, LVMH is able to help each

subsidiary brand improve their social performance by sharing findings for their most engaging content.

The subsidiary brands have incorporated recommendations such as posting frequency and the best type of

content (e.g. videos and photos) to post.


  • Monitor fan growth to understand increases or decreases in social brand awareness.
  • Determine the most engaging type of content for subsidiaries to post.
  • Identify content that key influencers find compelling to increase broadcasting bandwidth.
  • Access to ad hoc analysis of LVMH brand competitors to gain competitive insights and improve brand marketing strategies.

“Socialbakers has fundamentally changed the way that LVMH plans, implements and optimizes

our social media and social marketing campaigns. Its technology saves us tremendous amounts

of time and resources because it quickly and easily helps us understand how to increase online

engagement, increase conversions and build loyalty with the most influential users.”

Thomas Romieu

Group Digital Director at LVMH

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