Who Would Win The Facebook Race: Adidas or Nike?

If you have a body, you are an athlete. If you run a Facebook page, you measure it with Analytics.

Who Would Win The Facebook Race: Adidas or Nike?

Social media communication is now present across all Facebook businesses ranging from FMCG, Automotive, Beauty and Media to Fashion and Sport. Successful brands already know that social engagement is key to successful marketing. Let’s take a look at two sporting goods leaders Adidas and Nike and their social media strategies.

Let’s Run With Analytics PRO!

Which brand would you choose for your next race? And how does the brand’s communication affect your decision? Do you care more about performance or stylish endurance? During this decision-making process, every aspect of your Facebook page has to speak for your brand. 6 Socialbakers Analytics features will tell you how to bolster your social media performance and how to recognize what your brand is doing better than your competitor.

1. Simple Social Analytics

Nike and Adidas have chosen slightly different approaches to present their brand and products via social marketing. While Nike represents a more sportive and performance-oriented brand, Adidas bets on originality, fashion style and celebrity endorsements. Since Adidas has approximately 5M more fans than Nike, it would seem that Adidas’s communication creates more opportunities for Fan engagement. Closer competitive analysis will reveal more…

2. Analytics in Graphs

The Daily Fan Growth graph shows how both brands were doing in gaining fans during the month of April. Although Nike was leading in the first half of the month, Adidas took the lead in the second half when it launched a series of lifestyle and design eyewear accessories.

The same trend is visible through graphical visualization of the People Talking About metric. Steady growth of people talking about Nike peaked on April 22nd when the brand launched its most engaging collection: Nike Free Run+

3. Fan Page Score and Engagement Rate

The Fan Page Score is the combination of several ‘performance’ categories into a single graphic interface which includes: Number of fans, Content, Posting Strategy and Engagement.

In April, the credits for most engaging posts went to Adidas (0.1304%) – on Monday April 23rd, the brand posted a photo followed by a comment expressing Adidas’s vision: “Are you ready to start the week Originals style?” Nike also engaged its fans the most with a photo posted on April 5th (0.1025%) with the claim: “Meet the Nike Free Collection”

4. Key Performance Indicators

This is a set of influential metrics which provide brands with insight into the brand’s overall social performance including: Growth Rate, Engagement Rate, Brand’s Response Rate and Demographic Reach.

5. Key Influencers

Analytics PRO enables brands to quickly identify and monitor their most active and influential fans, including their posts, comments and activity based on public data.

6. Competitive Analysis

You can choose to analyze a single page, compare two competing brand pages or go for an overall industry comparison with Socialbakers Benchmarking feature –available in Analytics PRO.

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