Drive The Facebook Engagement You Want [infographic]

Your content strategy should include a clear vision about the type of engagement you want to drive to your Facebook Page. Get what you want thanks to these tips!

Drive The Facebook Engagement You Want [infographic]

Each type of engagement (Likes, Comments and Shares) asks for a different post type and overall approach. For e.g., if you want to encourage your fans to share your post, you have to make sure that there´s a viral potential – post types like photos, albums and videos will do the trick!

For more Likes, make sure you provide your fans with a good reason or motivation to click on that button – for e.g., try associating your product with a popular ritual just like the Oreo cookies. Their “”Like” this post if you wish you could lick an Oreo cookie right now” generated more than 50 thousand Likes!

And if you feel like engaging your fans in a discussion, don’t forget to post a straightforward question!

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