Analytics Recommend: Post About Your Brand To Boost Engagement

Today, our Analytics bring you seemingly trivial advice: boost your post´s engagement by posting about your brand.

Analytics Recommend: Post About Your Brand To Boost Engagement

Our Approach

We studied more than 50,000 posts during 2 months time to bring you exclusive results on which topics generate the most engagement.

Our Conclusion

Fans engage the most with content related to the brand. For marketers and social media managers, knowing which Facebook posts work the best for the brand is crucial in creating an effective content strategy. The difference between the most and least engaging posts lies in the brand’s ability to communicate relevant messages that connect fans with the brand´s mission. On the other hand, well-intended posts but unrelated to your brand or too cheesy won’t deliver your desired Engagement Rate. Here are some examples of successful and unsuccessful posts:

PGA Tour: 3.693% post Engagement Rate. Well done!

Great Example of how PGA TOUR: works with sports celebrities and calls to action by encouraging fans to LIKE and COMMENT as an expression of support to Bubba Watson.

Le Parisien: 7.190% post Engagement Rate

Media usually got it right – French newspaper Le Parisien posted about Marine Le Pen being more successful than her father a few years ago.

Walmart: 0.0000069% post Engagement Rate

Things to avoid: Messages that are way too distant from your company’s mission.

Facebook´s Results

Facebook recently concluded the same (studied 23 Page posts during 4 weeks): According to the results, a travel page has performed better by posting “I decided to go on my first cruise because ____,” than with “Hang in there everybody. Monday will be over before we know it” which is in no way related to the brand.

But surprisingly, another conclusion says that fans don´t react that well to posts focused on the products and services as such either, like for e.g. “Our new resort just opened! Book your trip today.” As Facebook stated, “Posts on topics related to the brand, but not specifically about the product or service, were the sole universally significant predictor of all types of engagement.”

And because repetition is the mother of wisdom, these are the TOP tips for your best content strategy:

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