Angry Birds, Nike and Red Bull Rocked YouTube This Week!

RovioMobile, Nike and Redbull made it to the 3 most viewed channels on YouTube this week. Let´s check out why!

Angry Birds, Nike and Red Bull Rocked YouTube This Week!

Angry Birds Did It Again

The top gainer of the week Rovio is well known for creating the globally popular Angry Birds game. Their YouTube channel´s most recent videos include official launches of their new features or video trials for new games like Angry Birds Space (released in March 2012). Recently, they introduced the Share & Play feature that enables fans to share and embed levels onto their Facebook Timeline and this week they launched Angry Birds Friends which encourages Facebook users to play weekly challenges against their Facebook friends.

Nike – My Time Is Now!

Nike Football launched a new campaign called “My Time is Now” with an interactive YouTube video. After watching a football match with more and more players flowing into the field, the viewer is encouraged to watch the video again and find tunnels to short stories or quotes from the players. Not only can you change the view with your mouse, you can also follow the player on Twitter straight from the video.

Red Bull Is Aiming For No. 2 In The Rank

Energy drink Red Bull has proven to be full of energy on YouTube with almost 287 million video views. They often upload even tens of videos a day to provide their fans with the dose of adrenalin they need. They include every sport you could think of from biking to hockey, skydiving or surfing! We are monitoring the channel´s video views also because it´s getting quite close to Old Spice (over 287 million video views) and second place in our YouTube statistics rank.

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