Facebakers.com on Techcrunch.com

Check the rise of Facebook out!

Facebakers.com on Techcrunch.com

Facebakers.com is pushing itself into the world of big media more and more. We have recently spotted a very good infographic which is monitoring the rise of Facebook. It was placed on one of the largest websites about technologies and new things in the world of internet – Techcrunch.com.

The infographic was made by Alexia Tsotsis and she used our outputs from Facebakers.com which she also mentioned below in her infographic, though we would appreciate in the future to see a more visible approach on how people use our data than the only a little mention below the info graphic, but generally an active link is considered better.

But that’s the only objection we have to this info graphic. It is very professional worked up and you should definitely see it:

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