Most Interesting YouTube Statistics [HOT]

Every day, allows you to reach the statistics of more than 1.3M YouTube Channels. Every month, YouTube subscribers watch more than 350,000 years worth of video time! Want to discover more? Read on,...

Most Interesting YouTube Statistics [HOT]

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of YouTube Analytics which complete our PRO offering! Analytics PRO became the only platform that enables marketers to analyze their brands across the biggest social networks: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It can compare Engagement Rates, monitor competitors and much more!

As part of our launch, we want to bring you the Top YouTube stats out there so make sure to check them out below as they perfectly validate YouTube’s importance for your successful viral marketing.

YouTube’s FAQs and some highlights – your brand counts as well!

1. Will my video actually get noticed?


Every week, there’s a potential of more than 100M YouTube subscribers who can either “like”, share, or comment your content.

2. How well is YouTube connected to other major social networks?

People share 700 videos on Twitter each minute!

3. What is the traffic like on YouTube?

Every second, more than one hour worth of video time is uploaded on YouTube.

4. What about the country stats?

YouTube Channels come from 110 countries that post videos in 54 languages.

5. What are the most viewed brand channels on YouTube right now?

Currently, it´s Red Bull and Rovio Mobile (creator of the Angry Birds game) with over 1700 years worth of videos played and 57 years every month.

6. And what about the best media channels on YouTube?

The most viewed media channles are IGN and Google with 11 000 years worth of video time played.

TOP 15 countries with the most Total Uploaded Video Views by YouTube Channel

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