Red Bull YouTubed Out Old Spice

The Red Bull YouTube channel has overtaken Old Spice with more subscribers and uploaded video views.

Red Bull YouTubed Out Old Spice

Red Bull and Old Spice have been fighting for more uploaded video views in the past few months and as you can see from our YouTube statistics, the energy drink has finally won over the manly deodorants. Red Bull has literally invested more energy into its YouTube channel – it has been uploading about 4 adrenalin-packed videos a day while Old Spice has been refreshing its channel on average with 4 videos a month!

The table below shows that their battle for more uploaded video views was quite tight in the last month.

According to our new YouTube Analytics PRO, Old Spice has been losing subscribers in the last month, probably due to the mentioned lack of content uploaded to the channel.

Which is a shame because they launched an interesting campaign called “Believe in your smellf” encouraging people to reach their goals by believing in themselves (and using Old Spice of course).

How are you taking care of your YouTube channel?

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