Top financial services companies on Facebook

Check the TOP financial companies out on Facebook!

Top financial services companies on Facebook

Did you know that for $10 000 000 most of us would do almost anything? Including abandoning our family, friends and our church. We can say that money are not only important in real life but also in bank institutions in which they flow in an incredibly large amount every day. It is really amazing how much money come daily through financial services and how important they are. Without them we would be completely lost. takes a look at the most influential financial institutions in the world and how they work with their Facebook profiles.

The first place is occupied by Visa which belongs to one of the largest financial companies with connections to cardholders, merchants and other important institutions. Everybody knows this company at least from credit cards which are also included in financial services of this company. Visa Go World is getting closer to 100 k fans on Facebook and it seems that the page will get higher in the future even though the chart don’t look very positive.

There is no big surprise that USAA is holding the second position in the Top. In the US army there are over 1.5 million active members which are mostly using this American financial service so that it has to have very strong base of supporters on Facebook. USAA is also getting closer to 100k fan border.

Other financial institution is from Africa. Guaranty Trust Bank is the leading African financial institution which tries to make one better world for all Africans on Facebook. This company is a very good example how financial institutions should deal with its clients and how to connect them to the company.

We can see many financial companies on the list. There are many services or insurances like Allstate Insurance, Discover or Geico. They don’t have millions of fans on Facebook but they are trying to better understand their clients through the largest social network in the world and they use it wisely as a platform for connection with people locally.

There also is a little trend toward utilizing local pages instead of making large global pages. This approach is helpful for many clients. It has a sense of being closer to them and offering financial services to specific groups on Facebook. The great example of the local page is GE Money Bank in Czech Republic, where you can see even a small page can make a big impact.

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