Facebook’s New People Talking About Number With Only Small Changes

Recently, Facebook included viral shares of Page posts into the Page’s People Talking About This number. Did the PTAT number increase or decrease as a result of this change?

Facebook’s New People Talking About Number With Only Small Changes

Two weeks ago, we promised to bring you the results regarding the effect of viral shares on the Brands’ People Talking About This (PTAT) numbers. Perhaps you noticed the difference for your brand, but let’s have a look at how the majority scored. We monitored some large brand and media Pages and concluded, that the number is gradually increasing, but the growth is less steep than we would expect.

We can see some difference in the PTAT between brand and media Pages on Facebook though. Brand Pages have increased the number steeply right after Facebook implemented the change but a few days later, the number decreased again. Media on the other hand have the tendency to post more engaging posts with a higher numbers of shares. As a result, their PTAT number has been increasing more rapidly, but this trend was visible only in some cases.

Certainly, more time is needed to assess the true impact of this change so definitely stay tuned for more Analytics updates. Until then, check out the PTAT numbers for the following brands and media monitored from May 25th to June 5th.

PTAT for Walmart

PTAT for Angry Birds

PTAT for National Geographic

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