Developing countries on Facebook – TOP 10

Check the poorest countries out on Facebook!

Developing countries on Facebook – TOP 10

The most remarkable changes in terms of spreading Facebook can be observed in developing countries. Many of them are in the post-war period or suffer from diseases and starvation. In spite of these conditions, Facebook is spreading everywhere, even in the most dangerous and the most inhospitable countries in the world.

The first position is occupied by Democratic Republic of the Congo with 60k users on Facebook from a total of 300k online population in this country. It is really amazing how this country hag-ridden by wars and widespread famine managed to get to the first place.

For most of the people in these countries being on Facebook is at least the first step in connection with the rest of the world and a sign of progress. The same can be said about Afghanistan. This country is after the war and full of hopes to increase the life standard. Hand by hand with these changes over 50k people of Afghanistan are connected with the world on Facebook from a total amount of 1 mil. online population ( total population of Afghanistan is 28 150 000 people ). Very interesting data are those describing sex ratio because from the 52 980 Afghan people on Facebook are only 14% woman. This is the lowest female ratio among the Top developing countries.

Further Top Developing countries are Mozambique or Mali with 40k users on Facebook. Both of them are of the poorest and most underdeveloped in the world . However we can see a little growth in terms of Facebook usage. That’s a fantastic result compared to the fact that some people in these countries are living on less than a dollar a day.

The second half of the list are countries with only few thousand Facebook users. They all have something common as living conditions or a very low number of people on Facebook. The poor African continent was full of wars, diseases like AIDS and other long lasted disasters that influenced all countries. Despite the help of the western world some of them are still in a state of desperation. Facebook is slowly spreading into these areas and helping individuals to get connected to the worldwide social network.

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