Retail Dominates The Fastest Growing Brands on Facebook

American retail giant Target tops the rank of Facebook’s fastest growing brands of the month! With our Analytics PRO, we looked closely at what kind of winning strategy they used.

Retail Dominates The Fastest Growing Brands on Facebook

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Summer season lures more fans to shop online

Today and during this past week, retail and consumer goods brands dominated the fastest growing Facebook brand Pages. We focused at retailer business Target, which gained 1,632,347 new fans in the last 30 days! They achieved this increase by focusing on summer products and fashion items for the upcoming season. This summer mood, new possibilities of online shopping and engaging posts with great colorful visuals attracted a huge amount of new fans.

If you’re on a hunt for some inspirations that will boost your business’s sales, here is what we discovered using our Analytics PRO. Target’s most engaging post (0.0431%) of the previous week concerns their launch of a Shopkick app, which allows shoppers to earn “kicks” and get rewarded when using the app in any Target store.

TOP ER post

And here’s how you can easily explore social media statistics of any Facebook brand of your choice. The below graphs show fan growth of today’s TOP 3 fastest growing brands.

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