Why is North Korea on Facebook?

NK uses Facebook as a tool for propaganda!

Why is North Korea on Facebook?

One of the latest dictator regimes in the world joined Facebook. You have probably already heard about North Korea. This country has many economic problems and its centralized pro-communist behaviour resulted in poor living conditions in the area. In spite of these problems North Korean propaganda needs to use modern ways to reach a larger audience and internationally justify itself.

It is clear that in a dictatorship social networks cannot be used as a public channel for connecting with people, so it is no big surprise that North Korea is primarily exploiting these channels for its own purposes of propaganda and is undermining a basic thought of social networks that are mainly used to public. On all social channels of NK don’t wait any of that.

North Korea does not publish data on online population and internet connectivity in the country, so it is very hard to understand who the users actually are. In most cases internet is used as another propaganda tool. In the same way Facebook is mainly used by the North Korean government as a channel for manipulating foreign media and for propaganda purposes. The purpose of Facebook to connect people is being strongly deformed hereby.

Somebody already established a North Korean Twitter and YouTube channel in order to promote glorifying videos and infos about the country and “the wonderful life” in the same spirit as NK’s Facebook profile. They also tried to mystify sinking of South’s navy ship which South Korea strongly condemned as the act of war and immediately blocked North Korean Twitter accounts including Youtube channel as well.

We can only argue if all these accounts are real or not. However Facebook has already deleted alleged North Korean Facebook profile called Uriminzokkiri on Monday. Actually it has already been removed twice ( for the first time last week ) because it violated the sites’ terms of use. They simply created a profile instead of a Fan page and posting national content and news cannot exactly be specified as behaviour of an individual.

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