World‘s Deadliest Drug on Facebook

Check the alcohol problem out on Facebook!

World‘s Deadliest Drug on Facebook

One of the most discussed topics about Facebook is presentation of alcohol. Ads and content about alcohol went through hard times a few years ago when Facebook completely restricted it in order to keep away from problems connected with the alcohol policy in many countries. In the end gates opened for alcoholic beverage companies, because Facebook got the hang of the potential regarding income from ads, so producers of alcoholic beverages then had free hands.

The problem is more complex, though. Facebook adjusted its platfrom for using alcohol content and ads by the demographic restrictions by creating the possibility to apply age-limits. Demographic restrictions must be applied to all content, which has a limited access of a certain age group (for example in the US is alcohol prohibited until you reach 21 years). It also applies to licensed content.

Problems go far beyond expectations even though the solution is suitable for ads companies or developers which are using alcohol content in their apps. We cannot clearly say if by these restrictions all teenagers and other risk groups are affected. The heightened problem is content of young individuals who have incriminating photos with alcohol on Facebook and most of them have their privacy settings set in a way that their profile is accessible for anyone, such as to parents, to police etc.

Facebook is being beaten for it every day and is unjustly an object of attacks from government and other institutions that are calling for stricter rules. On the other hand the problem is mostly solved far away from Facebook offices. Many students who have evidence of illegal or improper activity were warned by public authorities about their illegal activity and in some cases they were suspended from school due to underage drinking.

Both problems have many solutions. One of them would be more painful than the other and at the end there would be a ban. Nevertheless around the alcohol is still a big packet of money so that there is no need to be so strict. We can always find some ways to allow it on social networks even though there must be basic rules.

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