Fastest Growing EURO 2012 Football Teams

Discover how the football teams’ performance from Matchday 1 impacts on their Facebook growth.

Fastest Growing EURO 2012 Football Teams

When we published our first EURO infographic, we couldn’t wait to monitor how the game results would affect the teams’ popularity across social media networks. When focusing on Facebook, we found out that teams scoring in the championship excelled on Facebook with the highest Fan growths! This only demostrates how people need and love to share their excitement and the overall football sensation with others! Cheering is always more fun when you´re not alone!

Facebook: The Winning Teams Gaining The Most Fans

We measured the Fan increase of EURO 2012 teams over a 12-day period. According to the table below, Germany is the fastest growing team followed by England and France which ended their match in a draw just like Italy and Spain. Although the Netherlands lost its match, it ranked 6th with one of the highest percentage growths (12%). Clearly, Greek fans also have the true team spirit because the team´s official Facebook Page grew by 32.7%.


If you like these initial statistics, we hope you’ll be pleased with the upcoming insights covering not only Facebook, but also Twitter and YouTube. Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out your team’s latest updates online!

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