New Social Media Trend: Say Thank You!

Brands on Facebook are starting to take the “personal touch” of social media to the next level by thanking their fans individually.

New Social Media Trend: Say Thank You!

Brands on Facebook are constantly thinking of new ways to stand out of the crowd and gain more attention. The latest idea they came up with is individually thanking their fans for their Likes.

Kraft´s Macaroni Likeapella

In April, Kraft´s macaroni brand said: “You LIKE a brand and its posts. But does it ever LIKE you back? KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese does.” They motivated their fans to Like a specific post by announcing that they will Like them back by name-checking them in a song later that week. They ended up with thanking 4 800 fans in a seven minute video called Likeapella.

Thank You Notes from AT&T

Towards the end of May, AT&T celebrated the brand hitting 2 million fans on Facebook by creating a campaign called “Thank You Notes”. It included 500 customized YouTube videos thanking their fans in a song after they filled in a form with their name, city, preferred musical genre and reasons “why you´re awesome”.

Million Thank Yous from Febreze

And this month, odor eliminator brand Febreze decided to celebrate its 1 million fans by livestreaming a million thank yous from their team members. Hundreds of them are supposed to gather in a room at Procter & Gamble’s Cincinnati headquarters right now to spend 50 hours by saying Thank you. Teams of four to six people will have to say 320 thanks per minute or five per second in unison to get it done in time.

These brands have proven that they embrace the personal dimension of social media. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about thanking your fans in a song or a livestream, you just need an idea that will add a personal touch to your communication and thus create an effective relationship based on a dialogue.

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