TOP 6 Most Socially Devoted Industries And Brands

Now that you know what it means to be Socially Devoted, discover the most devoted industries and brands according to our exclusive study!

TOP 6 Most Socially Devoted Industries And Brands

Today, we launched our Socially Devoted website to draw attention to the below-average customer care in social media. We monitored tens of thousands companies on Facebook to set industry benchmarks to Response Rates and Response Times to questions from fans. Our aim is to encourage brands to shift their strategy towards more open and responsive social marketing.

We measured and aggregated data from March 1st to May 30th to bring you rankings of the most Socially devoted brands and industries on Facebook. Check out the list of the most fan devoted industries with their most caring brands and find out your benchmark in customer care!

1. Telecom: 60, 4%

The telecommunications industry is by far the most open and responsive industry on Facebook, it responds to 60, 4% questions from its fans. Mobile operator Personal Argentina answered the most of them but Claro in Guatemala reached a higher Response Rate (97%) and responds to fans faster – in just 21 minutes!

2. Airlines: 55%

Volaris is a Mexican low-cost airline that probably didn´t read our article about the things you cannot include in your Cover phot. Nevertheless, they are the most Socially Devoted airline with over 3 thousand answered questions in 48 minutes on average. KLM is at second place with an impressive 94,14% Response Rate and a 27 minute Response Time.

3. Finance: 46, 4%

South African bank FNB is the most Socially Devoted company in the finance industry but responds in 207 minutes which is quite slow – they can definitely improve on that!

4. Retail: 43, 6%

When it comes to retail, it seems that mainly cosmetics are discussed on Facebook. Popular German brand DM – Drogerie Markt replies to most of its fan questions (76,61%) in 175 minutes. That´s almost 3 hours, which is not a bad result for the retail industry. Although Turkish retailer Trendyol proves that it can be done in only 18 minutes!

5. Fashion: 41, 5%

Stylefruits is not a brand but a social shopping community with a lot of passionate fashion fans sharing their outfits and trends on Facebook. It has responded to more questions than the global “Nike Running” Facebook Page and it has also replied faster by about 30 minutes (their average Response Time is 103 min.).

6. Electronics: 24, 9%

Acer, Sony and Samsung are the most Socially Devoted electronic brands on Facebook! One of the leading manufacturers of computers and notebooks Acer has outstanding customer care in Indonesia. Their Facebook Page answered almost 5 thousand questions in 20 minutes on average during the last three months. Too bad the rest of the industry takes ages to reply – the industrial benchmark is 35 hours. We all know that anything can go bad with electronic devices so waiting for more than a day for a reply is too long.

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