Car, Alcohol and Media Pages: The Least Socially Devoted On Facebook

Which industries are not maintaining a healthy dialogue and relationship on Facebook?

Car, Alcohol and Media Pages: The Least Socially Devoted On Facebook

This week, we shared our data with you to raise awareness of Socially Devoted brands and industries. According to our results, an incredible 70% of fan queries never get answered and 25% of Fan Pages go as far as closing their walls. These numbers are alarming in the era of social communication which should be dominated by healthy dialogues and company-consumer relationships!

As you can see in the table below, automobile, alcohol and media brands belong to the least Socially Devoted industries on Facebook. Alcohol brands don’t come as a surprise since their Pages are mostly about sharing the attributes and lifestyle the drink represents. And media Pages usually don’t receive questions from fans because they are more about information consumption than anything else.

Automobile Industry: 17% Response Rate

What comes as a surprise are the results of the automobile industry. Car brands perform below standard when it comes to customer care on Facebook! They respond only to 17% of questions they receive from their fans although they have a lot to discuss together. Fans are interested in new car models, technologies, components and much more!

And when they decide to communicate with their customers and fans, it takes the car industry over 8 days on average to respond. Volkswagen in Mexico is the most responsive car brand (69,40%) but at the same time the slowest Facebook Page in the industry – it takes them more than a day to respond to their fans! Does that mean that car brands provide customer care only to customers who pay for the advice and new parts or components?

Alcohol Industry: 5,2% Response Rate

Who would guess that Tanduay Rhum from the Philippines would become the most Socially Devoted alcohol brand? They responded to more questions than Guinness in Indonesia or Captain Morgan in Germany. But while Guinness Indonesia reacts in about an hour, it takes Tanduay Rhum almost 12 hours to reply to their fans on Facebook.

Media Industry: 4,9% Response Rate

Media answer the least questions on Facebook but as mentioned, they don´t tend to receive them. Satellite television provider in Israel called Yes is the most Socially Devoted media brand with a 83, 50% Response Rate in 4 hours on average.

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