Why Car Brands Fail To Be Socially Devoted

Why do Automobile Pages belong to the least Socially Devoted industries on Facebook? And do they need to be Socially Devoted?

Why Car Brands Fail To Be Socially Devoted

Last week, we introduced a new standard to customer care in social media, and we call it Socially Devoted to raise awareness of industries and brands on Facebook that are not nourishing the relationship with their fans and customers. Our data gathered from tens of thousands Pages from March 1st to May 30th have revealed that up to 70% of fan questions never get answered and that 25% of Pages go as far as closing their walls to prevent fans from asking questions.

Car Brands Are At The Bottom Of The List

Car brands are at the bottom of the list of the most Socially Devoted industries, with alcohol and media brands. It seems that car brands perform below standard when it comes to customer care on Facebook – they respond to only 17% of questions they receive on their wall and some even close the wall which is definitely something a Socially Devoted brand wouldn´t do. Plus it takes them over 8 days to respond to questions on average!

The questions are: Why is the car industry at the bottom of the Socially Devoted ranking? Is it their fault? And do cars need to be Socially Devoted?

Automobile Pages Don’t Receive As Many Questions

The most Socially Devoted industries are measured and ranked by the number of fan questions they have replied. The automobile industry doesn’t receive as many fan queries as the Telecom or Airline industry which is why it is ranked so low. For illustration, Airline Pages received about 10 thousand questions per month while car brands had to answer only 800 questions on average. Instead of posting questions, car fans prefer to post photos of their cars and share their satisfaction, experience, image or lifestyle with the brand. That´s probably why car brands don’t use Facebook as a platform for fan and customer care.

Cars Find It Easier To Engage Fans Than To Respond To Them

Instead they keep engaging their fans with strong visuals, which generate a big number of Likes and work fantastically given that the automobile industry became the most engaging industry on Facebook for Q1 2012!

But that doesn´t mean that they can afford to underestimate customer care! Social networks are becoming the hub of the most important conversations, they connect people and facilitate word of mouth marketing which can effectively influence sales. The more they will nourish their relationships on Facebook, the more fans will convert into customers and the more profit that will represent for the business.

Car Brands Need To Catch Up On Customer Care

The automobile industry doesn’t offer a service like the Telecom or Airline industries but very expensive products which require personal offline contact with the brand. That´s another reason why they don´t get that many questions on their Facebook wall and why they ended up in the bottom three Socially Devoted industries. But that doesnt mean that they dont have to be Socially Devoted. On the contrary, automobile brands need to invest even more into their social dialogue as cusomers are becoming more demanding and research all their possibilities when buying their care!

Volkswagen And Chevrolet Are The Most Devoted

According to our study, the Top 5 Socially Devoted Automobile Pages! are: Volkswagen de México, Chevrolet Colombia, KIA motors Deutschland, AKT Motos and Toyota Australia!

Volkswagen de México answered the most questions in the industry (69,40%) but at the same time the slowest – it takes them more than a day to respond to their fans! Chevrolet Colombia is the most responsive Automobile Page with a 77, 78% Response Rate and the fastest Response Time of 12 hours on average.

Discover how Socially Devoted your brand is and how it stands compared to your industry´s benchmarks by visiting our dedicated website www.socially-devoted.com! We want to help you become an even more open and social brand across social media, it´s simple as following these basic steps:

  1. open your wall to questions and feedback from your fans
  2. respond to at least 65% of questions
  3. respond in time

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