Pepsi vs. Coke on Facebook

Let‘s see how these two popular brands are active on Facebook.

Pepsi vs. Coke on Facebook

If I blindfold your eyes and give you 2 cups to drink, one filled up with Coke and the other one with Pepsi, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.
These two soft drinks are very similar to each other when speaking about color, smell or taste.

How are these two strong competitors doing on Facebook?

Let’s have a closer look!

So what do we use as main performance indicators for Facebook pages? As usual, it is: 1. Fans, 2. Our score (mix of Page Quality and fan engagement), 3. Engagement rate.

In terms of fans, Coca-Cola’s official fan page is winning the pack by 10 fold. This is probably because Coca-Cola is generally a more positive brand, but also because Coca-Cola is much more focused on Facebook.

Pepsi has something slightly over 1,100,000 fans on its official Facebook page.

Even though it has a strong network of local sites like “Pepsi Switzerland”, “Pepsi Australia” or “Pepsi Portugal”, it still isn’t enough to compete with Coke.

Our proprietary technology Analytics that analyzes Fans, Content, Engagement, and Quality at the same time gave Coca-Cola and Pepsi the following scores:

Pepsi is missing most in the engagement area, otherwise both companies are doing similarly well in most other areas, and are avoiding the basic social media mistakes, like posting without headlines, etc.

In case of interactions, Coca-Cola has an overall engagement rate of 0.1%, compared to Pepsi’s 0.06%. This means people clicked the Like or Comment buttons on average more times compared to the number of fans.

Coke is taking the lead. At least when it comes to Facebook. The rest is up to your taste buds!

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