Presidential Infographic: Who Will Become Mexico´s Next President?

Will the most successful candidate on Facebook become Mexico´s next president? Check out our dedicated Presidential infographic and microsite, available also in Spanish!

Presidential Infographic: Who Will Become Mexico´s Next President?

With only a few days to go until the Mexican Elections 2012, Socialbakers prepared a dedicated microsite with a social barometer presenting the performance of presidential candidates on Facebook. The interactive infographic provides the most updated data and insights into their engagement on Facebook. Social networks are becoming a natural part of political campaigns which is why we are interested in the impact they have on the final election results.

Facebook Fans Vote For Enrique Pena Nieto!

If the number of Facebook Fans could guarantee success, Enrique Pena Nieto would become Mexico´s next president! He has over 3 million fans which is nearly twice as much as Josefina Vásquez Mota has (1,820,015 fans). López Obrador has over 500 thousand fans while Quadri De La Torre has only over 100 thousand Facebook fans. Mexican presidential candidates have more fan support than the French candidates (French presidential microsite) before their elections, for example Nicolas Sarkozy had over 558 thousand fans at that time.

E. Pena Nieto: The Most Engaging And Viral Candidate Of The Month

The performance of presidential candidates can be easily evaluated by key metrics like Fan Growth, Viral Reach and People Talking About. E. Pena Nieto dominated all these areas in the past few weeks! Josefina Vásquez Mota usually ended up 2nd and A. M. López Obrador on 3rd place. Gabriel Ricardo Quadri De La Torre wasn´t very successful on Facebook lately compared to the other candidates.

  • People Talking About: The most Facebook users engaged with E. Pena Nieto during last week.
  • Viral Reach: E. Pena Nieto reached more than twice the Facebook users as Vasquéz Mota, the candidate of the ruling National Action Party (PAN.
  • % of Total Interactions: E. Pena Nieto also gained the most interactions on Facebook, almost 57% of all the Likes and Comments concerning the candidates belong to him.

López Obrador Boosts Fan Growth Days Before Elections

López Obrador had the fastest-growing fan base over the last 30 days (51% growth) by far surpassing Quadri De La Torre´s fan growth (26%), Pena Nieto´s growth (17%) and leaving Vásquez Mota at the end with a 11% growth. Does this mean that Obrador´s fans just woke up and could be as active in “Liking” as in voting?

The Most Engaging Post For Mexico

The election barometer also reveals key words and conversations of the presidential candidates. E. Pena Nieto did it again! According to our data, he engaged the most fans in the past 30 days. He posted a motivational message three weeks before the big day to remind his fans that they have the power to change the course of things in Mexico. His fans expressed virtual support with over 60 thousand Likes, almost 15 thousand Comments and over 2 thousand Shares.

Let´s see if they will express this support in the election rooms as well on July 1st. In fact, Mexico also became the most frequent keyword used by the candidates! They probably think that patriotism is the best marketing tool they can running up to the elections.

To gain even more insights, visit the dedicated Socialbakers microsite in English or in Spanish!

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