Spain vs. Italy – Let The EURO Final Begin!

EURO 2012 is coming to its final! If you are curious who will win, don’t miss the match on Sunday. If you want to know it in advance then check out this article where we are analyzing the team´s performance on Facebook with our Analytics PRO.

Spain vs. Italy – Let The EURO Final Begin!

So here we offer a complete picture about how the teams’ Facebook activities could point to the Championship victory. For this purpose, we analyzed teams’ overall performance from Matchday 1 (June 8th) until today.

Fact 1: Italy gained 3X more fans than Spain

At the beginning of the Group stage, teams’ chances to gain new Facebook supporters were quite equal. Although Italy entered Matchday 1 with 431 thousands fans and Spain with 316 thousands, both of the teams were gaining approximately 300–400 fans during the first days. However, this trend didn’t continue and Italy finished gaining almost 3 times more fans than Spain.

FAN summary

Fact 2: Nearly 4X as many People are Talking more About Italy as Spain

The People Talking About (PTA) metric shows a similar trend as the Fan Growth. Both teams started almost at the same level of PTA. But throughout the Championship, Italy was more successful in getting more People talking about its team, while the Spanish PTA number remained almost the same.


Fact 3: Posts made by Spain are more engaging than posts made by Italy

Looking at each team’s overall Engagement Rate during the Championship, Spain (0.1657%) was able to engage fans more consistently than Italy (0.1158%).

post ER

Spain posted its most engaging photo (0,892%) of the Championship on June 23rd!

So how will the Sunday’s FINAL end up? The chances for both nations are equal, so let the best team win!

Spain top ER

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