Shocking: U.S. Brands Least Responsive, 22% Of Questions Answered

Our Socially Devoted data drill continues, and this time we are looking at multiple different regions and their efficiency in social customer service.

Shocking: U.S. Brands Least Responsive, 22% Of Questions Answered

Socialbakers is the only company that does local rankings of social profiles for companies throughout the world. You can find these local rankings in our Facebook brand pages and other platform sections. We crowd-source this ranking, so you can also suggest and help us categorize a particular page.

Based on this ranking and the Socially Devoted data, we looked at the trend of different regional pages, determined how they are performing, and selected a few markets with the best response rates.

We have chosen some of the Socially Devoted countries, added them to this chart and selected some of them for this ranking. The best countries from around the world are Nordic countries, then South American countries followed by select European and Asian countries.

The big surprise is when it comes to U.S. In terms of responding to questions, the U.S. is on the bottom of the global ranking list. This was quite a surprise. Of course, a lot of the U.S. pages are de facto “global” pages (for example- Audi USA is Audi global, someone just renamed the page over the course of history). And many U.S. pages are the biggest pages of that brand, so they receive international traffic.

But if you look at only services industries in the U.S. – Travel, Airlines, Telecom, and others, U.S. companies in general underperform their best regional competitors around the world. And this is something worth thinking about…

Social customer service is a must for companies and every company should be devoted to answering user questions on social media. Be more Socially Devoted!

selected SD countries

P.S.: If you want to learn more about Socially Devoted and customer service in social media, watch our CEOs presentation at LeWeb about Socially Devoted:


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