Did Pinterest, Instagram and Netflix prove to be Socially Devoted during the Power Outage?

How did Pinterest, Instagram and Netflix react to the amount of fan queries concerning the power outage in North Virginia during the weekend?

Did Pinterest, Instagram and Netflix prove to be Socially Devoted during the Power Outage?

Film streaming and picture loving fans encountered service problems with Pinterest, Instagram and Netflix during the weekend. A storm in North Virginia caused a power outage in the region on Friday June 29th and made several platforms out of service. Fans have been posting to the respective Facebook walls with their problems and complaining that they cannot share pictures and watch their favorite films. The question is: “Did the brands respond to the fan queries on their Facebook Pages?”

Recently, we set a new standard to social media customer care called Socially Devoted which is why we want to take a closer look at how Pinterest, Instagram and Netflix handled their communication on Facebook. Our Analytics will reveal whether they have engaged with their fans during the power outage!

Netflix Communicated Only On Twitter

Netflix didn’t release a statement on Facebook about the power outage and relied on the fans to spread the latest stories and updates. It didn’t even reply to direct questions about the problem. In fact, its Question Response Rate is equal to 0% because it didn’t respond to any of the 1 174 questions it received from March to May 2012. But surprisingly, it did communicate with its fans on Twitter and according to a Facebook fan, Netflix´s customer service was on it as well. Apparently it provided customers with the expected time of the fix and an apology via email explaining how Netflix intends to rectify the issue with its customers.

The question is why it communicated intensively on Twitter but completely neglected customer service on Facebook. Of course, Twitter is often preferred for live streaming events or natural disasters because of the amount of short messages it can Tweet without the fear of spamming newsfeeds for a long time. But if you choose to have Facebook as one of your communication channels, you need to engage in the dialogue. It´s not true that Facebook is only about a community of fans, it should also be a community including the brand´s voice.

Pinterest And Instagram Released Statement But Did Not Respond

Both Pinterest and Instagram communicated to some extent on Facebook, which is why we decided to benchmark these two brands and compare their Engagement Rates from the day of te service problems. We gathered data from June 2nd to July 2nd 2012.

Pinterest Could Have Done It Better

Pinterest was the only platform to inform Facebook fans about the service outage on Saturday.

According to our data, Pinterest typically answers 51 out of 1 225 fan questions (data taken from the period of March to May 2012). Similar story happened during the weekend. Pinterest released relevant statement but seemed not to notice many questions that came from fans and that demanded reaction and answers.

Instagram Released A Statement

Instagram posted a message on Saturday morning that blamed the electrical storm for the outage and explained that its engineers were working to restore service. As you can see from the graph below, its Engagement Rate is much higher than Pinterest´s engagement. But that´s also given by the fact that it had another three strong posts on June 30th. It did not communicate on Twitter either.

It did not respond to fan questions either, although as you can see from the table below, there was loads to respond to!

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