TOP 20 Best Countries in Facebook Customer Service [UPDATE]

Which countries have the most Socially Devoted brands? Learn about the nations with the best social attitude towards their customers and Fans on Facebook!

TOP 20 Best Countries in Facebook Customer Service [UPDATE]

Recently, we presented the most Socially Devoted industries as well as individual brands. And to get the bigger picture, we are providing you with the list of countries that excel at social customer care according to our statistics!

[UPDATE]: You were curious about other Socially Devoted countries so we decided to update the list by another 10 devoted countries!

North Europe Is The Best In Social Customer Care

Customer care across social media is influenced by the brand´s industry, it´s approach and the cultural context. According to our results, there are two regions that dominate the most Socially Devoted countries chart. Three North European countries have the best Response Rate on Facebook. During three months, brands in Norway received 13 thousand questions, out of which 87% were responded! This great performance is inspiring and we encourage other countries to follow the best practices of Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Latin America Is The Second Most Socially Devoted Region

Argentina and Peru are two Latino countries with the most questions responded. Although not shown in the list, Mexico (47%) and Columbia (40%) are well-rated countries with decent customer care on Facebook.

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