Highlights From The Google I/O 2012 Conference

Here are the most important data, highlights and news from Google´s conference at the end of June!

Highlights From The Google I/O 2012 Conference

This year, the Google I/O conference took place in San Francisco at the end of June where it launched new features and released interesting data. Google claims that it now has over 250 million Google+ users and 150 million of them are active monthly users. Android has about 400 million users entertained by Google Play with approximately 600 thousand applications that have been downloaded 20 billion times. And the number is growing by one billion every month!

Google Analytics App for Android Phones

According to Google, there are more people using Google+ from a mobile device than from a desktop computer. That´s why it launched the Google Analytics App for Android phones at the conference. You will be able to view the same accounts and profiles as you did from your desktop browser but you will receive them in reports optimized for your phone. Not only can you have the KPI´s and metrics at the tips of your fingers, you will also receive automatic and customized reports that will detect any statistical anomalies in your data and let you know when something unusual happens.

Mobile App Analytics

The Mobile App Analytics should help marketers and developers measure their mobile apps from discovery to download to engagement. The metrics include: Acquisition and user metrics such as downloads and new users; Engagement metrics such as retention, crashes and conversions; Outcome metrics such as app sales and in-app purchases.

YouTube App For Android

Google realized that it´s not fun to watch a video buffer when you are on the go. So from now on you should spend less time waiting and more time watching thanks to the preload and temporarily cache video options from your subscribed channels. You can do that at any time when your phone is charging and your WiFi is connected. As Google says: “*You’ll still need a connection to play the video, but once you do it’s smooth sailing through the latest from your subscribed channels and Watch Later queue.*”

This feature is currently available for phones with Android 4.0 and above and they should appear on other Android versions in the upcoming months.

More Entertainment With Google Play

You can find the mentioned apps on Google Play and from some day during summer, it should serve as a multimedia center for movies, TV shows and music to stream on Google TV. The cool thing is that it will enable you to watch your favorite shows across different platforms – from Google TV to mobile devices and tablets.

Hangouts Can Be Used In Creative Ways

Google has noticed that Hangouts are being used in the most creative and innovative ways while connecting fans, encouraging debates and building a meaningful dialogue via video. Developers are working hard to build even more memorable experiences and after 90 days since the launch, Google claims that over 200 apps have been built for Hangouts and that 1 in every 3 hangouts use an app. And probably the most important fact is that the average duration of a hangout with an app increases by 2, 5 times!

With that in mind, Google introduced a set of new featured apps built by developers around the world, for example, you can play an art guide and take your fans for a tour with Google´s Art Project!

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