Looking for bloggers and local media partners

Socialbakers.com is looking for local media partners and bloggers.

Looking for bloggers and local media partners

So the message we have today is simple: Help us grow the Facebakers.com network and become a Socialbakers.com local partner, we will add your logo and link to your country page on Facebakers, , and also add you in the prepared list of Facebakers.com Network partners.

What are the conditions? There is only one. You need to be a local marketing / media magazine or blog, with at least a basic community of readers.

You will get unique first hand access to all the local information that we will have our hands on, so you can publish it in your country.

On top of that, you can get our Socialbakers.com Analytics for free for a period of time to try it out.

What do in order to become a Socialbakers.com Network local partner? Simply CONTACT US. We’ll make sure to respond every one of you.

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