The Cutest Dog Increases Virgin America´s Engagement

Can a picture of a cute dog help you increase your Facebook Page´s engagement? It seems that it works for Virgin America Airlines!

The Cutest Dog Increases Virgin America´s Engagement

Virgin America announced that Boo, the Internet´s cutest dog, became the airline´s Official Pet Liaison! Their Facebook Page announced the news on Wednesday (July 11th) and we were curious about how it engaged their fans. So we turned to our Analytics PRO to look at the Average Post Engagement Rates and Interactions of the last month (June 12th – July 12th) and evaluate whether a picture of a cute dog can bring more Likes, Comments and Shares to a Facebook Page!

As you can see from the graph below, Virgin America posted the most engaging content on June 15th, June 19th and July 11th! And Boo appeared in two of these posts (June 15th and July 11th)! That means that this cute dog really increased the Page´s Engagement Rate.

The Daily Interactions graph shows that the Boo posts (pictures) generated the most interactions! June 15th even reached the month´s record with a total of 2 144 interactions!

Boo Has Almost 5 Million Fans

Virgin America shared Boo´s post from his own Facebook Page that day saying: “Hello! Had a great time sightseeing in sf and testing out all the chairs at the gate! Buddy and I are resting comfortably on our flight now. Thankful for Virgin America’s in-flight wi-fi for keeping a tech-savvy pup preoccupied.”

Did This Post Get Him To Virgin America?

Pictures Increase Engagement!

It also proves that pictures as a post type guarantee a higher Engagement Rate!

What do you think, will this step attract more pet owners to Virgin America? Check out Virgin America´s album for even more cute pictures of Boo!

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