Facebook in Asia and Australia represents 25% of World & Mad About Shopping [Infographic]

Check out the best performing brands and Socially Devoted industries in the Facebook world - this time Socialbakers takes a closer look at selected countries in Asia and Australia.

Facebook in Asia and Australia represents 25% of World & Mad About Shopping [Infographic]

Out of the 901 million Facebook users, 240 million (27%) monthly active users (MAU) live in Asia and Australia. Whilst India and Indonesia lead in terms of the user numbers the fastest growing country by far is South Korea, which grew its user base by an incredible 94% on Facebook from July 2011! Socialbakers study shows that the majority of Asia-Pacific Facebook users love to shop online.

The Automobile Industry is Singapore´s Most Responsive

Singapore has the most Facebook fans in the telecom and e-commerce industries but its most responsive industry is surprisingly the automobile industry, which otherwise lingers at the bottom of the rank globally. Find out more in the infographic!

Australians Like Australia And Australian Fashion Brands

According to Socialbakers data gathered from July 9th 2011 to July 9th 2012, Australia has a 1:1 ratio of men and women on Facebook and they seem to love shopping! Fashion and e-commerce are their favourite “social” industries with 267 and 177 thousand fans on average respectively. Australians especially like original Australian fashion brands like Quiksilver and the footwear manufacturer UGG, which also belong to their fastest growing brands on Facebook.

But if you wondered which brand has the most fans, you probably wouldn’t guess. It’s the official Facebook Page of Australia! It´s doing a great job engaging its fans with visually attractive sceneries, special events, interesting facts and it also works as a great sharing platform for people who have spent their holidays in Australia and captured some memorable moments. Now that´s exceptional! It’s following the global trend of Socially Devoted by being the most responsive similarly to the aviation and telecom industries, which generally tend to respond to the most fan queries.

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