Facebook Introduces Rotating Ads And 5 Other New Features

Facebook is introducing these 6 new features, check them out!

Facebook Introduces Rotating Ads And 5 Other New Features

1. Timeline for Brands on Mobile

Facebook Timeline for Pages is rolling out to mobile platforms! The new layout is said to include the Cover photo, the About section, a larger Like button and small icons navigating users to photos, events and the number of fans. The Timeline for personal profiles was launched on mobile and desktop almost simultaneously in February this year but it seems to be taking pages a longer time. Hopefully the waiting will be worth it and it will reflect all the marketing benefits of Timeline – especially the emphasis on visuals!

Mashable presents screen shots from the old and new layout. Whick one do you prefer?

2. Facebook Ads Will Rotate

Facebook wants to make ads more effective by displaying more of them in the right hand column and by rotating them. To see a new ad or a group of ads, users would normally have to refresh the page or visit another one. But this new feature promises that it will rotate the ads until the users will click on them and indicate which ads are relevant for them. For brands on Facebook it means improved audience targeting!

Plus, Facebook will probably increase the number of visible ads in the right hand colmun from 7 to 10 visible on a single page. All this should generate a higher click-through rate for bands!

3. Add Location To Posts

Some Facebook Page administrators have noticed the option of adding location to their Pages´ posts and photos. This feature should work similarly as for Facebook users with the possibility to attach a map of the location. Sounds like more marketing opportunities in view! This way you could promote your events, exihbition, conferences and more better!

4. Pages Can Make “Unpublished” Posts

From now on, Facebook Pages can make “unpublished” posts through API that don´t appear on the Timeline or in the fans´ News Feeds but they can be promoted via ads. Page owners can test different creative options, create a few unpublishd posts and turn some of them into ads after evaluating which of them work best for the fans and which of them deserve to be invested in.

They can also target non-fans with content that is not relevant to the users who have already Liked the Page and became fans. Or they can perhaps target different audiences with different messages, whether it´s about promoting different posts for women and men or filtering by specific interests. Premium advertisers could make page-post ads without publishing them to their page since February if not earlier.

5. Report Duplicate Facebook Pages

If you are a page administrator and you find pages that are rather suspiciously similar to yours, you can report them from now on. The “report duplicates” button is located in the left-hand column of your settings page.

The text says: In the search field below, you may search for and mark other pages as duplicates if you believe they are inauthentic pages about your page. After a review, these pages will be marked as “Community-Created Page About _______.”

In case the Page is recognized as duplicate, it says so beneath the page name and includes a link to the main fan page.

6. Users Could Start Playing Games Instantly

Facebook is testing a new “start now” feature that enables users to begin playing games without having to go through the permissions dialogue. This rollout is limited to selected game developers like Zynga, Kixeye and Electronic Arts but it has already shown an increase in new users and daily active users with low opt-out rates. People could soon start playing a game with a simple click while sharing only public information and friend lists to personalize the application experience. And of course, developers and brands can look forward to more ways to grow and engage users.

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