Nike vs. Adidas on Facebook – Nike wins locally

Let‘s have a look at these two competitors on Facebook

Nike vs. Adidas on Facebook – Nike wins locally

Are you more into Nike or do you prefer “the Three Stripes” trainers?
With no doubt it is one of these cult questions like “Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?”

What we are talking here about are the two major sportswear suppliers publicly known by people all over the world. Adidas, founded in 1924 and followed 40 years later, in 1964, by Nike.

Since then they’ve made a long way, entered the private club of the world’s leading sportswear retailers and keep growing fast.

But what does facebook tell us about these two competitors?

Both companies dispose with the remarkable quantity of official and unofficial groups and pages. We will take a look at official Nike and Adidas pages.

While Adidas focuses mainly on global pages, such as Adidas Originals (4M fans), Adidas Football (almost 2M fans), Adidas (over 1M fans) and other smaller ones, Nike prefers more of a local approach.

Nike has only 2 pages reaching over 1 million fans and those are Nike (2M fans) and Nike Football (almost 2M fans). Then it has a big amount of local pages, all combined reaching up to 8 million fans!

The company with the tick in its logo is also the number 4 on the list of “Top Gainers by month” with a rise of +885.000 new fans. There was a strong gain in the beginning of September for Nike.

Comparision provided by Facebakers Page Analytics Tool.

Speaking of facebook Apps, there are several of both retailers, however Nike scores much more, thanks mostly to the “Nike+ Running Monitor” which is the application that allows you to share your running information with your facebook mates and became quite popular with facebook users.

This is a clear case of two different strategies – more local approach by Nike and global approach by Adidas.

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