Facebook Battle: Red Bull vs. Monster Energy

Analysis of the performance of these two energy drinks on Facebook.

Facebook Battle: Red Bull vs. Monster Energy

Energy drinks rule the world. That’s the idea you’d get if you looked at the Top Facebook brands page. There are two major energy drink producers in the top ten Facebook pages for the last month, week and day: Red Bull and Monster Energy. Why is that?

These firms have excellent social media marketing skills. They attract people like a magnet by their ingenious campaigns. More surprising it is in Monster Energy’s case, though: their power bombs are not sold that massively around the world.

Dark Horse called Monster Energy

Monster Energy’s number of Facebook fans grows much more rapidly than Red Bull’s. During the last month (Sep ’10), Monster Energy’s fan club has grown by 24 %, smashing Red Bull with its rate of 12 %.

Even though Red Bull has over 9 million fans and Monster Energy only close to 4 million, the absolute daily fan growth rates are almost on the same level.

On the day of Oct 6, 2010, Red Bull is Facebook’s 5th brand page overall, while Monster Energy holds the 19th position. With the growth rates as they are now, we’re awaiting ME to catch up and perhaps join the overall top 10 in the near future.

It’s in the attitude

An interesting fact is that each of the firms has a different attitude in terms of what they post on their profiles. Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO gives an excellent view of that. While Red Bull pulls out mostly videos followed by some links and statuses, Monster Energy also bets on photos. ME doesn’t pay that much attention to statuses and videos, as you might notice on the graph below:

According to Candytech Fan Page Score, Red Bull reaches the average of 50 % – missing out mostly in Content and Fans’ Engagement subcategories while compared to Monster Energy Page.

No wall posts, Red Bull?

A truly huge difference between these two pages is in the number of posts by fans. There is a reason for that: Red Bull implicitly forbids writing anything on their wall. They get no feedback of that kind for this reason at all. See the graph below and if you see no violet color: that’s Red Bull.

Redbull is definitely a bigger brand in absolute numbers. It belongs to the absolute top of what can be found on Facebook. Monster energy is catching up quickly though and we should definitely keep an eye on these two competitors and follow their progress in the future.

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