5 Fashion Brands With Best Customer Care On Facebook

The Fashion industry is the 5th most Socially Devoted industry on Facebook so let’s have a look at the leading brands!

5 Fashion Brands With Best Customer Care On Facebook

Recently, we set a standard to social media customer care called Socially Devoted. After analyzing data from March 1st to May 31st 2012, we revealed that an incredible 70% of questions on Page walls don’t get replied and up to 25% of global brands have a closed wall! That´s why we decided to set benchmarks and launch a special website with and overview of the Top 5 devoted brands in each industry.

We also ranked ten Facebook industries by their Response Rates and the fashion industry finished 5th (41, 5%) which means that it responds to less than half of the questions posted to the walls. Maybe you are asking whether it’s crucial at all for fashion brands to respond to fan queries but in the world of social, we believe that a healthy dialogue is necessary across all industries.

1. Stylefruits Has The Most Style

Stylefruits answered almost 2, 5 thousand questions from March 1st to May 30th which made it the most Socially Devoted fashion brand on Facebook. This German social shopping community has fans that love to discuss fashion trends and create their own individual styles. They can even post pictures of their desired shorts, t-shirts, skirts etc. to the Page wall to get advice where to get hold of them in form of a link or picture.

The post below is asking: “Hello, do you know where I can buy pants like that? :)” and Stylefruits replied with a link to Topshop and a picture of the similar shorts they offer.

The Stylefruits fans have to wait 103 minutes on average for their answer which is something they could improve on considering that the ideal Socially Devoted Response Time is 10 – 30 minutes. But as you will see, they excel in this regard as well!

2. Nike Running Could Run Faster

Nike Running Fans mainly post questions about the different running apps, related technical problems and training advice. The Response Time isn’t running as fast as it could (2–3 hours) but they respond to most of the fan queries (84, 90%) which shows that they care about their customers and fans.

3. Next Has The Highest Response Rate (90, 45%)

Next is one of Britain’s most popular fashion brands and it will celebrate its 30th Birthday next year! But it can celebrate already because it reached the highest Response Rate from all the devoted fashion brands in the Top 5! Next answered 90, 45% of questions posted to its wall and it did twice as faster than no. 1 in the chart, in 49 minutes compared to Stylefruits´ 103 minutes!

The Next Fans usually ask about online orders, stock details or the brand´s VIP sales and although the questions tend to be quite negative, they still get cool and positive answers. And that´s what customer care is about – answering even uncomfortable questions and not reacting merely to the uplifting compliments.

4. Foot Locker Is Improving

Shoe retailer Foot Locker has the most Likes (over 3 million) from the Top 5 and it is doing a great job responding to the queries considering the size of its fan base. Customers and fans curious about the available sneaker sizes, models and colors usually get a response within 4 hours but from the look at their wall, Foot Locker is becoming more Socially Devoted by responding to more questions in a faster manner.

5. Tape à l’oeil Needs to Respond Faster

Tape à l’oeil is a fashion brand for children so one would think that they are caring and respond to as many questions as fast as possible. But the truth is that while it has only around 200 thousand fans, it has responded to the least questions in the studied period (March 1st – May 31st)! And the response time? Almost 10 hours so Tape à l’oeil should know by now what to work on!

How do you respond to your fans? Are you Socially Devoted? Go to www.socially-devoted.com to find the answers!

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