36 New Facebook Regional Reports For June

Check out your Regional Report for June and filter statistics by your country!

36 New Facebook Regional Reports For June

1. Monthly Regional Reports

Towards the end of the month, we are always busy preparing and packing Regional Reports with the most interesting data! We believe that you need the global picture as well as the local insights to understand where you stand and how you can optimize your social marketing strategy to perfection. That´s why we strive to make things easy for you and provide you with as many data and statistics as possible. This month we prepared Regional Reports for 36 countries!

The monthly reports focus mainly at the Top 10 biggest and most engaging brands on Facebook in the country and we also added a Socially Devoted section to track down the brands that meet our new standard in social customer care. And you can find them in the Regional Reports section visible from our blog or our homepage on the left side when you scroll down a bit under Resources. Find your country now and browse in the archive where you can find reports from March 2011!

2. Filter Data by Country

When looking through our Facebook statistics, Twitter statistics, Google+ and YouTube statistics for brands, media and other categories, you have the option to select your country and filter the data according to your interests. So for example, if you are interested in how Facebook brands are doing in Germany, select the country in the drop-down list to get this.

3. Suggest New Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube Accounts

In case you can´t find your brand or any other brand you are looking for in our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube statistics section, suggest them by adding their URL. Help us improve our database by clicking on the “Monitor a Page” button in the top left corner or in the individual sections!!

4. Socialbakers is Multilingual!

Did you know we have Business Development Representatives who can communicate in different languages and handle your region specific problems or queries?

Contact the following representatives in the following languages:

Don´t hesitate to contact them with any questions!

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