CheerMeter for London & New Products Coming Soon

Today, Socialbakers has several exciting announcements!

CheerMeter for London & New Products Coming Soon

Firstly, we are proud to announce that next week we will be launching an innovative new product built on Analytics. We always knew that the Analytics we have for profiles were just one element of the puzzle. So be prepared, an amazing new product is coming your way soon!

The second is Socialbakers Listening –

Although there are quite a few social listening products on the market, Socialbakers Listening can search millions of keywords and update them into your dashboard all in real-time! Our real-time listening service is one of the most competitive platforms out there, so make sure to check it out!

And to showcase our Listening product, we have created the CheerMeter for London which is currently analyzing the social media response to the London games in real-time. This awesome real-time infographic highlights the power, flexibility and functionality of using our real-time social listening platform!

To hear more about new Socialbakers products, sign up for our webinar on August 9

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