Reaction to eMarketer article

eMarketer recently published an interesting article about Social Media Metrics.

Reaction to eMarketer article

Experts often express their theories on what are the main aspects of a firm’s social media success and popularity. We keep an eye on these opinions and discuss them in order to determine a well-balanced analytics tool of that nature.

In a recent study published by eMarketer, US marketers have set a chart of their most important metrics for social media:

1. Increase/decrease in fans

2. Traffic driven by social

3. Mentions

4. New leads generated

5. Sales

6. Key influencers and reach of messaging

7. Duration of engagement

We think that’s a great insight overall, but this list of measurements doesn’t answer several important questions of social media:

a) How was your message delivered? Were the readers happy with the message, was it displayed correctly, did they engage with it?

b) Did it have a positive response from the users? Did users comment and like your messages?

c) What about competitive intelligence tracking? Social media is public, so why not use this to get more insights on competition?

These are the several aspects which our SOCIAL MEDIA KPIs take care of through the Analytics tool. Let us mention a couple of them as they are crucial for a company’s social media presentation success.

We measure and monitor the Engagement Rate, which is the number of interactions to your competition, the Fan Growth Index, which is the growth of your category and if you are growing slower or quicker than your category, and the Fan Page Score, which is our sort of quality score of each page out there, if it posted well, has good engagement, and is growing above the category.

All of the above mentioned content we also measure at your competitors’ profiles, so that you always know how you are doing in a direct comparison to them.

Try our analytics at and fully monitor the communication performance of your Facebook page.

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