USA vs. Canada on Facebook

The North-American derby on the largest social network is here. Who’s got more users?

USA vs. Canada on Facebook

The North-American derby on the largest social network is here. Who’s got more users? Who’s more Facebook-penetrated? Read more to see the answers.

The Geography Facts

Every little child knows that Canada is the 2nd largest country on the planet, right after Russia. USA, though, follows with not really much of a difference. When talking about the number of inhabitants, though, the situation is way less balanced.

309 million people in the United States and only 34 million inhabitants in Canada. Now you see that the Facebook usage comparison can’t be direct. We have to take this ratio into consideration and that’s exactly what we do when we’re creating the countries Facebook penetration ranking.

So who’s more of a Facebook country?

Developed in the US, grown up in the US, Facebook is in absolute numbers more used in the United States. US are the #1 country for Facebook with their more than 140 million Facebook users. Canada occupies spot #7 in the world rankings and they are about to break the 17 million users barrier.

However, if we look at the numbers of users relatively – taking into account the overall population each country has, Canada is the winner. 50,23 % of people in Canada use the social network while “only” 45,28 % of US inhabitants have their own Facebook accounts. The statistics also tells us something about the user growth, which is important for predicting the future penetration. The US user growth is 4,66%, while Canada’s growth is right under the border of 3% (measured October 18, 2010), letting us hope for an even result in a quite close future.

Regarding age distribution, both countries have the most Facebook users in the age group of 18–24 years – 31 % in the US and 29 % in Canada. This age group is also the fastest growing group in the last 3 months on Facebook in both countries. See our graphs (US, CAN) for more details.

Up there we rule

In the continent ranking, these two nations (together with Mexico and other states in the south of North America) play the deciding role in North America’s world leading position. See the graph to get an idea of how the continents are ranked.

We will be watching the development and so can you, with the detailed statistics on Facebakers portal. Be always in the picture and see how these two nations are doing in their Facebook match!

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