Facebook battle: cell phone producers

In this article we will focus on three biggest cell phone producers and how they’re doing on Facebook.

Facebook battle: cell phone producers

In this article we will focus on three biggest cell phone makers and how they’re doing on Facebook. It’s BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. You might start wondering now, why Apple or Siemens aren’t in the game. Well, as they’re producers of other products as well, it might not be very fair to take them in.

BlackBerry is most commonly used in the USA, although the internet services of theirs are available in over 90 countries worldwide. North Americans love them and they’re not afraid to show it online. Over 2,5 million people have expressed their “Likes” to this mobile phone brand.

Nokia is not that well known in the US, but it’s heavily used in the rest of the world. It’s being sold in over 120 countries in the world which gives you an idea how globally this company’s management thinks. No wonder they have over 1,5 million fans on the Facebook social network.

Sony Ericsson
SE is also a pretty internationally recognized cell phone producer. They have over 1,6 million fans which brings up a very interesting battle for the 2nd place in this analysis.

The comparison

The winner at the number of fans is clear: Blackberry’s got the absolutely largest number of fans on Facebook. They have had the biggest share on the market for a fairly long time, although in the nearest past the iPhone is catching up with enormous rate. However, more action is going on between Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Look at the following graph of fans:

As you see, SE with violet and Nokia with green color are in a very interesting “fight”. The turnover, where SE got in front of Nokia in the number of fans, happened on 11.10.2010. A big day for the Sony Ericsson social media team, don’t you think? An interesting thing, as well, is the chart of what they post on Facebook: they behave really similar!

SE is on the left and Nokia is on the right. They apparently use the same strategy of how to talk to their Facebook fans, only Sony Ericsson apparently likes pictures more than Nokia, which might correspond to the target groups: SE is more likely to be bought by a teenager, while Nokia’s typical customer might be a manager.

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