Welcome to new Facebakers

So, we did. Redesign is finally finished and ready to be launched!

Welcome to new Facebakers

Facebakers portal has been around for about a year now. We’ve come a long way since its beginnings, trying to provide the most accurate and useful Facebook statistics. As we have been adding new features and products, we started hitting limits of our previous layout. Our data needed to expand and be better organized. That’s why we decided for the modest redesign of Facebakers website.

Data should be better arranged now, more useful and also better to understand.

You will also find a new section there. Brands arranged by category. You will be able to view brands active on Facebook from different market sectors and also filter them by country. This will be a great feature for all marketers on Facebook as you will not have to search through Facebook in order to find similar pages to yours or other pages from your market sector.

These categorical lists will be constantly updated, however, if you find a page which is miscategorized or not categorized at all, please let us know and we will gladly update our data.

We already have a lot of upgrades and features in our minds which we would like to show on Facebakers soon. So don’t worry, a lot will be happening on Facebakers in the near futures.

We hope you will enjoy this modest update and that you will get all the information you need from our portal. Also, if you have any suggestions regarding our website, if you are missing any specific feature for example, or we don’t show your page in our lists – we will be happy if you contact us and tell us what to improve. We want to provide the best possible data for our readers and that’s why your inputs are very valuable to us.

Your Facebakers Team

Staff Writer

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