Facebook Finals: Olympic Showdown

Nike beat Adidas in Facebook fan growth during the Games and Michael Phelps wins yet another (virtual) gold medal.

Facebook Finals: Olympic Showdown

As we reported yesterday, Nike beat Adidas in the Twittersphere, but really left them in the dust in terms of Facebook fan growth. From the 27th of July to the 2nd of August, Nike’s Facebook fan base grew by 166,718 – more than double the growth of sporting rival, Adidas, who despite core sponsorship deals, netted just 80,761 new fans over the same period.

Nike Beat Adidas in the Twittersphere

In fact, in the first week alone, Nike’s Facebook fan growth was three times that of our ‘control’ week of June 22 – 28, while Adidas Originals were virtually flat when compared to the same period. Over the course of the entire Olympics, Adidas added only 216,575 fans, compared to Nike’s 446,764 net additions. Adidas, however, still has more fans with 15,427,096 compared to Nike’s 10,373,712 as of today.

Acer Boosted its Fan Growth During the Olympics

Official Olympics Worldwide Partner Acer, on the other hand, gained almost 17 times the amount of fans, in the first week of the Games, than they had garnered during our typical week in June, crossing the one million-fan mark by August 2nd. They added a total of 117,976 fans during the Olympics. Cadbury Wispa also improved their average by a factor of six the first week, adding 26,144 in total for the Games, while Mars Bar only doubled their weekly fan base additions, totalling 10,555 net adds by the closing ceremony. Still, not bad for a non-sponsor.

Michael Phelps Won Double Gold on Facebook

Athletes, of course, also did very well on the social network. Michael Phelps won double gold not only by gaining the most fans, but also by having been the ‘most talked about’ athlete during the first two weeks of the Games. But due to their huge fan numbers, Phelps’ fan base increased only twelve per cent and Kobe Bryant only managed a paltry one per cent increase, despite coming in at number five ‘most talked about’. Contrast that with our silver medal winner, Jessica Ennis, who now has more than 500 per cent her number of fans prior to opening night and is the fifth most socially engaged athlete at 10.27%. Chris Hoy won most socially engaged over the last month, receiving a 30.38% engagement rating.

Social Olympics With CheerMeter

London 2012 was billed as the first ‘Social Olympics’ and has more than lived up to that title. Rio 2016 promises to be even more social and we’ll be there with the full report, stats and analysis to prove it. All the trends and data below are brought to you by CheerMeter, our social media tool that tracks and analyzes global Twitter buzz around sports, athletes, nations and brands in real-time!

Note: In the first table, the white rows represent sponsors and the blue rows non-sponsors of the Games.

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